Noida Real Estate: Under The Hands Of Land-Intruders?

Noida real estate seems to be under the hands of land intruders. Recently the Noida Authority has unearthed a Real estate scam worth Rs.3800 Cr.

Noida real estate has been flourishing as one of the hotter real estate destinations. This hot nature of Noida real estate would be what makes it a den of land-intruders.

Recently Noida Authority came up with one of the bigger real estate scams in the city. They pointed that this real estate scam happened during the BSP ruling in the state. Some prime lands, approximately 3, 81, 000 sq. m., were leased to some private firms and individuals while BSP govt. was ruling the state.

Nayab Tehsildar has been moved away by the Noida Authority which also has recommended the removal of additional district magistrate (land) as well. Noida Authority is on the move to file an FIR against them.

The investigation was initiated soon after the BSP ruling came to an end. The related sources reveal that Noida Real estate land scam occurred in 2011.

Noida Authority disclosed that the Noida land scam involves three higher grade officials viz. Harish Chandar (a senior PCS officer posted as secretary), Ajay Shrivastav (Tahsildar) and Manoj Kumar Singh (Nayab Tahsildar).

These officials are alleged of allotting prime Noida land to some private companies and other individuals.

The land parcels are illegally allotted to them on Expressway and in various Noida sectors. Land parcels were released from Sector 140A, 141, 142 and Sector 143 in Noida. Three private firms and some individuals are accused of acquiring these land parcels illegally.

Manoj Kumar Singh, the Nayab Tahsildar has already been removed. Tahsildar Ajay Shrivastava also had been suspended from the office. Further the Authority has asked the government to remove the senior PCS officer as well.

The Noida Authority informed that being the additional district magistrate of Noida; he is guilty of the land scam. Without the consent of the additional district magistrate no land transaction is possible, the Noida Authority pointed out.

However these culprits are alleged of misleading the government giving wrong information. They had informed the BSP Govt. that these land parcels are to be allotted to calm down the farmers.

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