Allahabad HC Orders CBI to Probe against Noida Heads

CEO and Chairman of Noida have been removed by Allahabad High court. The High Court further ordered CBI to investigate in to the cases filed against the removed CEO and Chairman of Noida.

Chief executive officer Sanjeev Saran and Chairman Rakesh Bahadur IAS were appointed as Noida heads by Samajwadi Party. However their removal has detained the Party.  When the Party rose to power in U.P. both of them too were appointed in to the positions.

The Suspended were alleged of assigning lands illegally to some real estate sharks. It is calculated that they have illegally allotted nearly 14 plots at lower prices than the existing market value. As a result the government’s loss is estimated as Rs.4700-Crore.

Madhav Samaj Samiti – an Allahabad-based NGO filed a case in the High Court demanding their removal. This case grew stronger when Renu Singh, a lawyer by profession, approached the HC with the same demand.

Their removal was applied as having authority they could deviate the proper investigation or even they can poise the investigation. The Samiti cautioned the Court about the existing possibility of washing existing evidences off.

Mrs. Singh later disclosed that she was even offered large sum for removing her petition filed in the court.

She seemed happy after the HC judgment. She did not mind disclosing her fear even to go out these days. However she added that she was least sure whether the people, who threatened her, were any supporters of either of the CEO or Chairman.

She plans to move to the Supreme Court with her demand of having CBI investigation in all real estate land deals since 1991.

The appointment of the two caused the Akhilesh Yadav led Samajwadi Party government face severe criticism. His government is pulled off highly by his opposition parties.

The government lost a good amount of money in the illegal allotment done by the duo. Akhilesh Yadav -led government is ordered not to appoint the duo in any of the western parts of the state.

Both of the officials are alleged to have close connections with Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav’s uncle Ram Gopal Yadav. This close connection also is under suspicion now. A real estate hot spot like Noida should not be let to fall into the hands of any real estate sharks.

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