Noida – Greater Noida Metro Link Soon To Be Developed

Adding two more metro stations, Noida Authority announced the details of proposed metro link between Noida and Greater Noida on last Friday.

It came to the people of Noida and Greater Noida as a matter of gladness as the Authority added two more metro stations in the proposed metro link. The authority officials said that these areas are highly populated and considering this increasing population they have decided to add two more metro stations in the proposed metro line.

Recently there has been a steady increase of population in Noida and Greater Noida. On the Expressways also the population is growing very fast. The proposed metro line, of 29.707 km, will be passing through Sectors Alpha and Delta, Knowledge Park 2, Pari Chowk and other sectors like 32, 51, 83, 101, 143 and 147.

Though the train can achieve a maximum speed up to 95 km per hour, the scheduled speed of the metro rail would be 35 km per hour, revealed an official.

The total cost of the metro rail project will be divided by the Authority on the basis of the developed area’s jurisdiction. It means that the expense of the area which comes under the Noida Authority will be taken by the Noida Authority and the rest of the cost will be  borne by the Authority of Greater Noida.

Rs.5,500 Cr is estimated as the total cost of the project. The Authority plans to begin the project soon, though there is no specific time period for the project.

Before starting up the project, the Authorities have to solve out all issues related to the land acquisition. The farmers are offered developed land parcels in case their land had been acquired before the year 1976.

The Authority has decided to solve out the issues as soon as possible and begin the construction soon. Yet the authority said that the project will not be started unless and until they secure the prosperity of the farmers.

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