Gujarat to See a New Housing Policy Soon

Aiming to provide more affordable homes to the people in the state, Gujarat Government is planning to launch new housing policy.

The slum dwellers are really happy to hear that the Gujarat Government is pondering over implementing new housing policy in the state. Under the new housing policy nearly 22 lakh housing units will be developed.

Around 7 lakh housing units will be set apart for the slum rehabilitation program. The remaining numbers of housing units will be focused on LIG and EWS.

The main focus is on the economically weaker and lower income group. No housing units will be developed for the upper class people. Gujarat government said that the upper classes will have homes in the coming phases of this program.

However some number of housing units will be developed in the MIG segment.

Slum rehabilitation is one of the main focuses of the new policy. The government has almost completed the survey of slums in the state.

The new housing policy of the Gujarat government is expected to be launched within a month. Apart from this, the state government is thinking of initiating two sub-policies as well.

25 sq. m. will be the size of housing units which are meant for slum rehabilitation. The average prices will be around Rs.3 to Rs.3.5 lakh. If any additional amount is required, the buyers will have to pay the additional amount.

The total built up area of LIG houses will be 50 sq. m. The average rate will be Rs.2000 per sq. ft. MIG-I houses will be having 65 sq. m. of built up area and the prices will be Rs.2500 per sq. ft.

Commenting on the new housing policy, an official said that the EMI will be fixed less than 40% of the total income of the buyer. This will make it easier for the buyers to pay back the loans.

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