Bangalore Residents deprived of E-Payment of Property Tax

Many of the Bangalore residents are not able to pay their property tax online. Some of the areas do not have the access to E-Payment of Property Tax just because these areas are not PID enrolled.

E-Payment of Property Tax has been initiated as one of the easiest ways to pay property tax. Though this was meant for all, this facility has not yet become common. All areas in Bangalore are not enrolled and given PID numbers.

While most of the areas in the city are now able to property tax online, some areas like Byatarayanapura, Dodda Bommasandra and Vidyaranyapura, this facility is not available. These areas are not yet PID enrolled.

A BBMP official said that the enrolment could not be completed due to the election work. Till the enrolment is not completed the residents of these areas will not be able to pay property tax online. It means that they will have to wait one or more years because collection of property tax for the year 2013- 14 has been started.

While many of the residents complain against this, some others say that they are paying the tax in the BBMP office directly.

One of the main issues those who are paying the tax directly is that they have to spend hours and hours in the queue. Long queues are a common scene in Bangalore. Yet the authority is not concerned about this neither they are ready to take measurements.

It is estimated that over 50,000 people in Byatarayanapura are not having access to E-Payment of Property Tax. Byatarayanapura is one of the suburbs in Bangalore. The sole option they have is to walk to the BBMP office and pay the tax directly.

Speaking on the issue, the official said that the civic body is looking for ways to solve this issue as soon as possible. The residents still hope that they will be able to pay the tax by the year 2014.

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