Gateway Apartment, Rs.110 Cr Worth Home of Salman Khan

Gateway Apartment is the luxury residence of Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan. This apartment is located close to Shahrukh Khan’s home Mannat.

Salman Khan is said to have no craze for residences and apparels. Normally the Bollywood stars spend many crores for decorating their homes. Most of them are said to be competitive in doing this. The Gateway Apartment of Salman is an example to this.

Buying a home near Mannat of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan too seems to follow the normal trend. If estimated price of Mannat is Rs.100 Cr, the estimated price of Gateway Apartment is Rs.110 Cr. Their homes show the rivalry and competitive mind that exists in between the top two heroes of Bollywood.

Unlike others who like to live in Bungalows, Salman Khan prefers to live in apartment. This is the reason why he has bought an apartment with all luxury facilities and amenities.

The apartment of Salman is absolutely elegant and royal in all the senses. The interiors, including the furniture, show the elegance and stardom of the super star.

The apartment is set in one of the most posh areas in Bandra. Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Katrina Kaif, etc. are a few among the many top celebrities living in this location.

Salman Khan’s parents Salim and Salma Khan and his sister Arpita are also living here.

Sohail Khan, Bollywood actor and Salman’s younger brother, also live in this apartment along with his two sons Nirvaan and Aslam, and his designer wife Seema. Sohail Khan followed the steps of his elder brother to step into Bollywood film industry.

Gateway Apartment is an apartment for sure. But this is not just like any other apartments. It is far beyond what other apartments are. So to say this is nothing other than a palace where one of the top Bollywood king resides.

Commenting on his home, Salman Khan says that he prefer living in apartments. Actually what it matters if the apartment has all luxury facilities like that of a bungalow or even more than that?