Winkworth Widens To India, Set Up Offices In Bangalore

With the aim to widen its presence in India, London based Winkworth has entered into master franchising agreement with Narayanan Soundararajan. The firm will first set up offices in Bangalore.

Winkworth, the London based largest real estate agents’ chain, will extend its presence to India. For this, the firm has entered into master franchising agreement with Narayanan Soundararajan who will run and manage the Indian offices of Winkworth.

Their first offices will be set up in Bangalore. Later on, they will open offices in other cities as well.

Winkworth is reported to have a plan to extend its presence internationally. Their Indian entry is only a part of it. The firm target international residential market and not alone Indian residential market.

Soundararajan will finance the Bangalore office. Their first office is expected to be opened by the end of this month.

Soon two more offices will be opened. One will be in Delhi and one will be in Chennai. These are to be opened by December this year.

All offices of Winkworth in India will be managed by Soundararajan. He has vast experience in the real estate development. The London firm expects that he will be a good asset to them.

Soundararajan also has the experience as the Royal Bank of Scotland’s managing director (India). Besides, he also has associated with some international brands.

We aim to establish a real estate agents’ chain in India after the London Model, said a senior official of Winkworth. He added that the firm will be able to provide better services to their customers.

The London firm also plans to build up cordial relations with top Indian developers. They expect that the relationship with the developers will help them focus on residential market in India. However the officials of the firm added that they will stand with only one party in any property transactions.