English Cricketers Plan To Invest In Indian Properties

Sources close to the England Cricket Team revealed that some of the English Cricketers plan to invest in Indian properties. According to the sources they have shortlisted the cities as well.

Some top English Cricketers have conveyed their plans to invest in Indian properties. They have shortlisted the top cities like Bangalore and Mumbai as their favorite investment destinations. However some of them have plans to develop holiday homes in Goa, especially in South Goa.

Experiencing the soaring nature of property prices in India, are now keen to have property investment in India. Interestingly some of them plan to see Indian properties as forms of investment; some others are aiming to build holiday homes in India.

Bangalore and Mumbai remain the destinations for the investors while Goa, particularly South Goa, remain an attraction for those who plan to build vacation homes in India. Goa is one of the most favorite tourist centers in India.

According to the available sources around five English Cricketers have revealed their interest. Some of them have already entered into talks with Indian Builders even.

Some of them will purchase land parcels in Bangalore or Mumbai. They also have plans to own apartments in these cities. However they have revealed that they will own apartments in partnership with the Indians.

Sources close to the England team told the Times of India that they have been searching for properties for a long while. They are in India as part of the England Tour of India 2013.

Though the English Cricketers were suggested to own properties in Gurgaon and Noida, they refused the suggestion. Pointing to the Summer Heat in these areas; they refused to own any properties in the National Capital Region.

The England Cricketers plan to purchase mainly residential apartments or land parcels in India. Though they may consider owning some commercial properties, their main aim is to own some suitable Holiday homes for spending their vacations.

With liberalized government policies, they will be able to acquire Indian properties easily. Some celebrated British personalities like Ruskin Bond had preferred to settle down in India in the past. They are reported to have talks with some real estate agents in Sri Lanka too. They also have plans to invest in  Sri Lankan Tea Gardens.

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