Residential Market in India Likely To Grow Theme-Based

Residential market in India is likely to grow theme-based, say realty experts. In their opinion there is a greater possibility for theme-based housing to grow.

Theme-based housing will become one of the most attractive forms of housing. Theme-based housing, a marketing technique, is expected to revive the residential market in India. It will improve and raise the lowered hosing demand.

Recently Disney India has launched its theme-home business. This can be said to be the beginning point of a new housing trend. As per the new theme-home business the builders are allowed to use the Disney characters to promote their residential projects.

Mumbai -centered Sunteck Realty and the Kolkata –based Team Taurus are the two developers who have already made contracts with Disney India. They will develop housing projects according to the theme basis. The promotion of these projects will be done using the Disney Characters.

Following their steps Tata Housing Development Co. Limited also is developing some theme-based housing projects in various parts of the country. They plan to develop theme-homes in Gurgaon, Lonavala and Talegaon.

Speaking about the future of theme-based housing projects, marketing head at Tata Housing Development Co. Limited Mr. Rajeeb Dash said that the future of theme home business is bright in India.

Mr. Dash said that there is an increased demand for theme homes. He stood optimistic about the fact that the theme-home will revive the residential market in India. At present the residential market in India is undergoing a sluggish momentum with lower sales of housing units.

However there was a higher demand for theme-based homes. The success of Tata Housing’s theme-based project Raisina Residency in Delhi is an example. Their Talegaon project also seems to be another success as most of the housing units have already been booked.

Residential market in India is after the world mega-cities like Paris, New York, Dubai, etc. People come into contact with these cities as they travel a lot these days. These cities influence them highly. Moreover they become fascinated to the facilities and comforts available in these cities. So, all the facts show that the future of residential market in India will depend on theme based projects.

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