Western themes for Townships are in trend

Nile river boat - AL SARAYA -
Western themes for Townships are in trend these days. For instance, in a project ‘The Nile’ launched in Gurgaon by Omaxe group followed the Egyptian architectural designs.

Another instance, a recent one is the Tuscan City by TDI in Kundli. As per the words of Mr. Kamal Taneja of TDI, the landscapes, the market squares, gardens, picturesque scenes and the artistically conceived architecture actually belong to the scenic region of Italy’s Tuscany and have become an inspiration for Tuscan City.

Nowadays, people want to have good lifestyle with an affordable price when buying house. Although the cost of flat is the major factor, but the buyers nowhere compromise on their lifestyle and comfort level.  Developers added that times have changed and thus people are moving fast towards the western lifestyle.