Vital documents for co-operative societies

Co-operative societies should ensure that they get the following documents from the builder, soon after the society is formed.
These should be handed over to the managing committee members by the builder. Ledger abstract of the property i.e. 7/12 abstract Order issued by the competent authority as per the provisions of the Urban Land Ceiling Act Registered Development Agreement executed by the developer with the land owners, Copies of the Power of Attorney given by the owners in favor of the developers along with the copy of the registration receipt, Intimation of disapproval from the Bombay Municipal Corporation Authorities, Occupation Certificate Building Completion Certificate Approved plan of the building Chain of documents through which the vendor acquired the right, title and interest in the property Non-agricultural assessment order Non-agricultural tax paid receipts Title Clearance Certificate from the vendor’s advocate Search report for the last three decades with the search fees paid receipts Original documents of title to the property Architectural and structural drawing of the property .
(This file should include electricity power supply, cables layout, water supply connection , underground tank to overhead pump drawings, sewerage and drainage drawings) File of deposit receipts like electricity, water and deposits to municipal authorities, Name and address of all the contractors with the unpaid bills, advance paid to the contractor appointed by the builder whose contracts have not yet expired with regard to the building being managed by the developer till handing over the charge of the affairs of the building.
File of various contracts as well as for warranty of various goods like water pump, lift contract, Separate files for water bills, property tax bills, electricity bills, telephone bills Co-operative Societies registration files which shall contain various applications, forms, undertakings, bye-laws , details of the bank account
opened in the name of the bank Audited statements of accounts for the amount collected by the builder, List of incomplete works, List of parking stilt as well as open parking allotted by builder.