TDIL’s scheme for customers

TDI Infrastructure Ltd (TDIL) has announced a scheme for customers who wish to build their homes by offering subsidized construction and assured rentals.

A first of its type scheme, Build and Earn, will enable plot owners of TDI City, Kundli, to build their dream house while enjoying a rebate of about 20-25% on the overall construction cost. Kamal Taneja, managing director, TDIL, said, “Thus, if your plot measures 250 square yards, then you will get a rebate to the tune of Rs 2,50,000 on construction”.

Intended to relieve customers from construction-related worries, the scheme will also offer them rent for a period of 22 months post completion of construction, subject to the customer’s approval. Under the scheme, the company will build the house at an agreed price and handover the premises to the customer.

The company is offering two schemes – ‘Assured rent for 22 months post construction’ and ‘Gross Adjustment in the construction expense’. Various options under both the schemes are offered to customers so as to fit their pockets. The construction time spans between 10 and 12 months in either of the scheme. The plot owner will make the entire payment in four equal installments starting from the day of registration.

Taneja said, “Quality housing at an affordable price has always been our motto. With more and more people signing for this scheme, this will bring life to TDI City, Kundli – the new New Delhi.

Further he added, “We have received an overwhelming response to the scheme. We will immediately start the construction work. We will continue to launch such innovative schemes that will boost confidence of our customers, who have been associated with TDI for long”.