Realty Market in Kota Boosted By Coaching Centers

Realty market in Kota receives a great boost from the coaching centers. The students who come to stay in the city for the medical and IIT coaching demand mainly studio and single bed room apartments.

Kota is witnessing a good demand for 1 BHK apartments and studio apartments. While most of the students who come to the city for study purpose stay in various hostels, the number of those who stay in rented homes is never less. Whatsoever, this is considered as a good sign for the realty market in the area.

Some students come to Kota with either of their grandparents or a guardian. For them it is not possible to stay in hostels. Thus they demand 1 BHK apartments or studios.

The parents of these students say that the stay in hostels is not comfortable for study. If we can own a small one bedroom home it is better for study, said Neerja whose son is enrolled in one of the top coaching centers in Kota.

In her opinion realty market is always good for investment. She recently bought a home in Kota for the purpose of her son’s study. She said that once her son’s coaching gets over, she will sell the property. Thus for time-being it is an investment in the realty market, she adds.

Kota is known for its coaching centers. Students from across the country come here for gaining better coaching.

Commenting on the demand from the side of the students, a real estate developer of the area said that they mainly demand for 1 BHK and studio apartments.

Seeing this demand the developers are coming up with various studio apartment projects. Manish of Suwalka and Suwalka Group said that they have a good number of upcoming projects.

As per the enrollment data nearly 1.2 lakh students come to the city for coaching purposes. Their demand for homes really boosts the realty market in the area.