Illegal building owners to be hit hard by GHMC’s penalty

The owners of illegal building will be hit hard by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation which plans to impose an additional penalty on the owners of these owners.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation plans to revise the existing building norms especially which are related to the illegal building constructions. By revising and imposing an additional penalty on the owners of such illegal buildings, the civic body aims to collect a good amount as revenue.

Another important aspect of the increased penalty is that it will help the illegal constructions to greater extents. So the GHMC will be able to kill two birds with a single stone.

If the amendment takes place the new revised fine will be a double of what they provide right now. For instance, those who are paying Rs.100 now, will have to pay Rs.200 after the amendment.

Still there is a chance for the owners to escape as the building norms do not comply with the GHMC Act. This will provide a loophole for the builders and the developers of such illegal buildings.

So far, after assessing around 12 lakh properties, GHMC has found that there are over three lakh illegal constructions in the Hyderabad city. The civic body expects more illegal buildings in the city as they complete the assessment.

If the penalty is imposed on the owners of these illegal buildings, the authority will be able to raise an amount of Rs.30 Cr as revenue. The owners may challenge the additional penalty on them on the basis of disparity between the GHMC Act and the building norms.

An official at GHMC said that the civic body plans to go ahead with the alteration schemes. The civic body plans to implement the new rule from April 1, this year. The official added that GHMC also has plans to recapture all encroached land of the government as well.

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