Construction Sector Affected By Water Shortage

Water, without any doubt, is one of the most important materials for construction sector. If there is no sufficient water, the construction is not possible.

Approximately two to three lakh liters of water is daily used for the construction of a single project. Now you can think how important water is for construction sector. In case if there is no water, no construction will be possible.

Earlier once when National Green Tribunal banned the use of ground water for construction purpose, many of the projects were halted. In the same way, now the summer is approaching and it has already on the threshold.

Water shortage has become visible in many of the areas. According to the builders the shortage is more visible in urban areas and so the construction sector in the urban areas is more affected than that of the villages and rural areas.

Commenting on the issues, a real estate developer said that water shortage will hike the property prices. The developers are to pay an additional amount for the water. This additional cost is levied on the shoulders of the buyers.

Along with the construction sector, many other industries are also affected by acute water shortage. In many of the cities halted construction is visible.

Though some of the builders are bringing water from other sources for construction, they say that it is costlier. Earlier if they were allowed to take water free of cost, now they have to pay for it.

Water shortage severely affects the construction sector, says Alex P Cyriac. Builders Association of India’s Chairman (Kerala Chapter) adds that it has impact on the property prices as well.

Mr. Cyriac points that the water charges have gone up. In most of the areas the water rate has gone up by 200% or doubled the price. For instance, he adds, if the earlier price was Rs.1000, now it is Rs.2000 for 10000 liter.