All apartments sold within 2 hours

DLF has launched the 2nd phase of its residential project in the heart of national capital, has sold all the apartments within 2 hours. The company sold all the flats, offered at prices of up to Rs 1.86 crore, though it has increased the selling price of its units by up to 26% compared to 1st phase.
TC Goyal, MD- DLF said, “Even with increased price, we have received tremendous response for our product. We initially planned to launch six hundred fifty units in 2nd phase, but due to huge demand we planned to offer more”.
The company has launched 2nd phase of the project at Rs 6,750 (2-BHK), Rs 7,500 (3-BHK) and Rs 8,000 (4-BHK) per square feet.
However, the effective rate would come down to Rs 5677, Rs 6363 and Rs 6820 per square feet respectively as DLF would offer a discount of five hundred rupees per square feet for timely payment and 8.5% rebate on down payments.