Can Affordable house become your dream house

Affodable House in SLO
When we think about affordable house, a picture of congested home, situated far away from the city, comes in mind. Such images are pulling the buyers away from investing money. Builders are forced to think about cost cutting without compromising buyers expectations.
Puravankara is using cost effective construction techniques like prefabricated homes. Basically, your home would be built out of a mould and then fixed on to the mainframe structure of the building. This technology could bring construction cost down by up to 30% and speed up the delivery time by up to 24 months as compared to conventional construction techniques.
Affordable housing is all about reengineering of design and optimal usage of materials, which can bring costs down by 15% to 17%. If builders use such techniques to cut the cost then affordable house will also known as Dream house. Affordable housing is not about compromising on quality and comforts.