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Weak Home Sales Fail to Halt Price Hikes

Property prices are still rising despite the weak home sales. The last quarter witnessed fall of home sales and rise of property prices. Sky-touching home prices have hurt the sentiments of buyers, keeping them away from buying. Though this, the higher property prices, have caused the fall of home sales, still the prices are shooting […]

The Realty Confusion: Mumbai offers little hope for home buyers.

Buy or not to buy? Despite a profusion of analyses and research reports on housing prices and their future direction, home buyers remain as confused as ever. So it is little wonder that 37 lakh of flats remain vacant in Maharashtra, of which 4.79 lakh are in Mumbai. The Census Directorate data says that even Thane district has more than 5 lakh […]

Real Estate Now Supports Facility Management Also

The role of facility management is ensuring that everything is available and operating properly for property occupants to do their work. The facility manager generally has the influence upon the quality of life within a facility. In India, facility management saw its inception as a serious business in the early 1990s. Mr. Anuj Puri, chairman […]