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Who does Affordable Homes Belong to?

April 21, 2010 A really interesting question rising up these days is that is affordable housing taken seriously by our policy planners and key stakeholders? Now-a-days, talking and discussing affordable homes has become a fashion, including those who were not as such associated with realty sector. But when enters the term ‘affordable homes’, one must […]

John works for habitat for poors

John Abraham has got more than five lac US dollars on behalf of a Georgia based non-profit organization for building homes for the poor in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. John Abraham, who is the goodwill ambassador of Habitat of Humanity, received the money at a glittering ceremony here yesterday. The contribution, made by […]

Real Estate Uses Celebrities’ name

Real estate industry is passing through the transition phase. This phase will decide the future of real estate. Every day something new is coming to us. Sometimes we get to know new real estate trends and sometimes new way to make the property popular. The recent new trend is that now  the real estate will use the […]