Women Left Men Behind in Realty Market

“Trust me with your next home purchase!”
As per a report of National Association of Realtors, in 2009, single accounted for 21% of home purchases while single men contributed just 10% to the sales. It is an unexpected report as compared to the 1980’s when they both used to contribute equally to the home sales.
The president of the market research firm American Lives, Brooke Warrick said “I’ve given some of my [home-building] clients, lessons on how to be gender friendly”. He also revived sellers to look up at women as viable buyers and not to treat them as bystanders by just handing them a brochure on the entrance of home.
He also advised the realty developers to take these women seriously since they actually need them.
After analyzing the market, Warrick concluded that young women, especially those settled in secure industries like health care earn more money than their male peers.