Vacant Properties In Vadodara Exceed 1-Lakh; RTI Reply

Vacant Properties in Vadodara is said to have crossed 1-lakh figure. The list of vacant properties in Vadodara came up in an RTI Reply issued to a native of Vadodara.

Arising confusion, an RTI Reply stated that there are more than one lakh vacant properties in Vadodara. According to the RTI Reply there are 1.2 lakhs of vacant properties in the city.

A recent RTI Reply has come up with an impossible number of vacant properties in Vadodara. All the people including the real estate developers and others, who know the industry well, have got a reason to raise their brows. In all of their opinion there is no chance in Vadodara to have huge vacant properties as the figure states.

RTI reply; framed by the Directorate of Census Operations, Gujarat, to a native of Vadodara, said that the city has vast number of vacant properties. Vadodara Municipal Corporation also is given a copy of this reply. The reply precisely states the number to be 1.2 lakh.

As per the RTI reply the total number of properties read – total residential properties 3,90,812 and commercial properties 85,843. Besides these properties around 5,056 properties are mixed- purpose properties. Yet among all this the list of1.2 lakh vacant properties stood ‘misplaced.’

Real estate developers refuse to agree with the figure which for them is impossible. They agree that there are many vacant properties in Vadodara. However they are quite sure that the number would be around 5000 to 10000.

Mr. Vipul Thakkar, President of Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India’s Vadodara chapter, said that the figure is absolutely rubbish. In his opinion the maximum number of vacant properties would be around 10000.

He said that the real estate sector in the city would have collapsed if the figure were true. Supporting Mr. Thakkar, assistant commissioner (revenue) of VMC Mr. R M Patel said that the tax was paid only for 14000 vacant properties. Authority also believes that the figure would not be true under any circumstances or it might have included all the ‘seen’ locked properties which are not empty in fact.

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