Tamil Nadu Launches Portal For e-Processing Of Land

The Tamil Nadu government today launched a website for online processing of land documents, including registration.
State minister for Revenue and Housing I Periasami unveiled the website at regional review conference organised jointy by the Land Resources department and Union Ministry of Rural Development.
He said, “The website ‘www.Eservices.Tn.Gov.In’ will have all details such as patta pertaining to lands of individuals”.
Further he said, “So far, 3.2 crores of land resources having full details of the owner/enterprise across the state have been registered on this website”.
The website which is to be launched in interior districts of Tamil Nadu in a phased manner will be covering the entire state soon.
Mr. Periasami further said, “Initially, it has been launched in Dindigul, Vellore and Coimbatore”. Elaborating about the project, Union Rural Development Secretary Rita Sinha said that e-processing would prevent tampering of documents and every individual registering on the website would have a unique identity number.
Already this kind of e-processing of land resources had been implemented in various states and also in other countries, including England, Australia, Thailand and Kenya.
Rita Sinha said, “Initially, we have planned to launch it in 11 states across the country and as of now, it has been completed in Karnataka, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and now Tamil Nadu. We want to cover the entire country by the end of 12th Five Year Plan”. Further she said that with this kind of development, accuracy and time reduction could be achieved.