Single Window Clearance, Housing Ministry to present in the Cabinet

Single window clearance is likely to be implemented soon. The housing ministry plans to present the single window clearance in the cabinet.

New Delhi: Housing ministry has been seeking options to bring down the property prices. However once the Economic Survey 2013 reported that slow paced clearance is a reason that shoots the property prices up, housing ministry started thinking in that way. So finally the ministry has reached at single window clearance for all residential projects.

As per Economic Survey report property prices are escalated 40% by the delay in clearances. It added that the average time taken for the approval is over six months.

During this long period the land prices and other prices for the raw materials too rise, resulting a hike of property prices. Addition to all these, the builders are to spend some ‘conservative amount’ as well. All these additional ‘charges’ are levied onto the buyers’ shoulders. So it affects the buyers mainly.

By implementing the single window clearance system, housing ministry hopes to lower property prices. In many of the cities the prices are sky reaching, giving no room for the lower income people to own a home.

Once the single window clearance system is approved, it will speed up the projects. The builders will be able to deliver their projects in time. Most noticeably it is expected to have an impact on the property prices.

For studying the matter a panel was set up by the housing minister. Former CCI chairman Dhanendra Kumar was appointed as the head. The panel, studying the project delays, has suggested single window clearance system.

The panel suggested setting up of a nodal agency which will act as a single-window system. It will coordinate all needed approvals from various departments. The committee further suggested a 60-day clearance window for increasing the supply of affordable housing units.