Real Estate Developers Shot Dead

Real Estate Developer Ponty Chadha the owner of Wave Infratech was short dead by the security guards of his brother Hardeep. His brother too received bullets and found dead at Chadha’s farmhouse.

Existing dispute over some real estate property took the lives of two. The real estate developer Ponty Chadha and his brother Hardeep fell as victims of their long existed property – dispute.

Nearly 15 people are detained by the police in relation to the murders. Most of the detained are security personnel of murdered Chadha brothers. The suspected ones are believed to be in police custody. Sources say that they are kept at police station in Mehrauli where they will face questionings.

Saturday noon was shocked by the brutal murders of Chadha brothers. Both the brothers were killed at Mehrauli farmhouse where they held a peaceful meeting.

The peaceful meeting which was meant to repair the dispute over their real estate property proved vain as the meeting ended up in the loss of two lives. Besides the brothers, one of the security personnel named Narender got wounded in the firing. He is under medical supervision after his surgery.

Facts prove that both brothers were accompanied by nearly 30 to 40 men with arms. According to the police sources Hardeep was the first to shoot his brother. His first shot was followed by a continuous firing by his brother’s security guards. Meanwhile Hardeep’s guards too fired.

Nearly 12 bullets were removed from Mr. Chadha’s body and four from his brother. The incident is said to have taken place around 12.30 pm. After half an hour the police received a call from the premises of Mehrauli farmhouse where the brothers found shot dead.

Police sources stated that this was the second case of firing. A similar case of firing is reported on October 5 from Chadha’s Moradabad residence.

Mr Chadha’s multi- base business spreads over to real estate, liquor and sugar. His business spreads over to film industry as well. He is the producer of Sunny Deol starred Bollywood movie ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal.’

Under his brand name Wave- formerly known as Pony Chadha Group- he had delivered many real estate projects in Noida and other NCR regions. His real estate constructions are not confined to residential constructions. Wave group has designed many township projects among which Wave City Center is the latest.

Mr. Chadha’s political holds allegedly fostered his business empire. His friendship with Samajwadi Party and Mayawati had often invited criticism.

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