Real Estate Attracting B School Graduates

There is an increasing figure of B-School graduates choosing to make a successful career in the Real Estate industry that is slowly but surely becoming more organized. There is a slow but sure development in the real estate market.
The fast growth of the real estate business has led to enormous employment chances for skilled professionals, and as a result, more and more graduates from foremost educational institutions are taking to this industry.
According to employment agencies and recruitment executives, the real estate sector is moving towards becoming more organised, and superior real estate companies are spotlighting on becoming more skilled and transparent. Student aspirants looking at a career in real estate are appointed across different horizontals in leading real estate/urban infrastructure firms. They could range from analytics, planning and acquisitions — to project management and marketing.
According to V K Menon, Director, Career Advancement Services, ISB, In the preceding year 2007, of the 418 students who have graduated out of ISB, 45 students have opted for a career in real estate, which is more than 10 percent of the batch size! This is possible because a no. of MNC are also showing interest in Real Estate.

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    Real estate provides career to such person who dont want to invest capital money for business and also who wants safe and steady start.

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