Priority to Small Towns by Foreigners

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Manufacturing Plant
April 05, 2010

Small Indian towns have succeeded in gaining much attention and interest of foreign investors than the metros and big cities.

These small towns are being preferred more by the investors as far as the establishment of manufacturing facilities are concerned. A study which was government sponsored noticed that this has established linkages with suburban and rural regions of the country.

A study by NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research concluded that a remarkable proportion of FDI- manufacturing plants seem to be located in Class-3 cities.

There were 1273 plants of 401 FDI-enabled manufacturing companies which were considered and around 54% of them are located in small cities.

The Population Census-2001 classified that the total population of these towns is even less than 5 lakhs. It also said that these towns and cities can be named as sub-urban and closer to the rural areas of India.