Norms On Building Height Relaxed In Gurgaon

With Gurgaon becoming a popular choice for people looking for a home, the land for residential development is shrinking. To accommodate more people, the Haryana government has now removed the cap on the height of new highrises for both residential and commercial.

According to commissioner (town and country planning and urban estates) D S Dhesi, the norms on building height have been relaxed keeping in mind that there is increased housing demand in Gurgaon. He said, “There is technology available to construct such buildings and the builders have to follow the National Building Code. Moreover, the height of the highrises is subject to the clearance from Airports’ Authority of India (AAI)”.

Mr. Dhesi also said before the decision was taken, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) had surveyed many cities, including Mumbai, where highrises have come up in substantial numbers. He said, “We found there are not many highrises in these cities. The cost of construction increases when the height of the building is more. The developers have to leave open space as per the building norms”.

Sources in DTCP said till date, no developer has applied for permission to build such multi-storeyed buildings. However, they are hopeful the major developers will come up with such plans in future.

The present population of Gurgaon is over 17 lakh and the Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex Plan 2021 projects to accommodate 37 lakh people. Citizens’ organisations have claimed that the figure will cross 60 lakh by 2021. Mr. Ramesh Chander Aggarwal, urban and regional planning consultant, said, “To accommodate more people in a city like Gurgaon, there is no other option than to go vertical. Given the expansion in economic activities in Gurgaon and its adjoining areas, high rises hold better hope”.

Mr. Aggarwal said that as per norms, all constructions over 30 metres in height and within a 10 kilometre radius of the airport have to be cleared by the AAI. However, in Manesar, the height limit is 60 metres. Further he said, “If we don’t go ahead with vertical development and conserve the land, the development will eat into the agricultural land”.

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    Yes,that will be good because there are lot of losses in the big Building at the time of earthquake which is very important to build the previous scenarios which will be very helpful at all the levels.

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