Mumbai Buyers’ Demand for Golf-centric Projects Rises

Golf courses are one of the main amenities which the buyers are looking for in Mumbai.

There are many upcoming golf courses in Mumbai. Yet, compared to other cities, there are only lower numbers of golf courses in Mumbai.

There are around 15 golf courses in the NCR. Bangalore too has a handful of them. Comparing to these cities, there aren’t many in the Commercial capital.

Mumbai lacks full-fledged golf courses. The main reason which blocks them is lack of sufficient land. Secondly the land prices are very high and it is never affordable.

However, there is an increase in the number of golf courses in the city. This is mainly due to the increased demand from top-earners who are ready to pay for it up to any height.

Many of the top-earners consider this luxurious game as a symbol of luxury itself. For them it is inseparable.  They demand for such projects highly. However only a few privileged can take hold of them.

Now the builders do construct golf courses with the purpose of persuading the buyers. The buyers are ready to pay because in most of the golf courses the entrance is limited.

At present there are only three 18-hole golf facilities in Mumbai. While two are in South Mumbai, Chembur has the last one. Willington Sports Club and United Services Club are the two main golf-centered clubs in South Mumbai. Chembur has Bombay Presidency Golf Course.

Two builders of the city are now coming up with golf-centric projects. Indiabulls Real Estate and Lodha group are they. While Lodha group’s Lodha Golflinks is at Dombivali, Indiabulls Real Estate develops its project at Savrolli, along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

While Indiabulls develop 18-hole golf course, Lodha develops only a 9-hole golf course. The former’s project spreads across 350 acres, while that of the latter spreads across 50 acre.

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