Kult Infotech Launches Online Real Estate Bank

Realizing the huge potential of internet usage in India, Kult Infotech today launched its new online real estate bank– www.valuePROPS.com– which provides comprehensive resource for all real estate topics related to buying, selling and renting with expertise knowledge.

The website offered service of advanced search for preferred area, mapping via GoogleMaps for exactly identifying the selected destination, financial calculations, blogging space and other interesting features that help the user to walk through the entire process from buying and selling to the completion of transactions.

ValuePROPS.com would be the pioneers in launching, for the first time in India, ‘a multi lingual interface’ dedicated to its users with the best online experience. It would be available in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

ValuePROPS.com provided easy access to about 5000 registered agents, facilitating the customers to buy and sell their property.

This interactive website ensured transparent dealings, revenue sharing model and above all scope for users to validate th data to help other prospective customers.

Currently, the service was dedicated to properties across the southern cities of Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad and it had a vision to encompass the whole country in the future.

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    Speaking at the launch, Mr.Sumedh Reddy, Founder & CEO of valuePROPS.com says “A large numbers of users are in lieu of using an interface called the Intelligent Search System (InSeS) that is built to create and ensure that everyone in the system gets the value they ought to have. Every user will have quality content satisfying their choice as well as communicating to the right person. All in all they will have an enhanced experience”.

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