Hyderabad Builder Sued By Wakf Board For Property Damage

Incurring damage to the property of Wakf Board, a Hyderabad based real estate developer faces sue from the Wakf Board.

In a rare case, a Hyderabad – based real estate developer is sued by Wakf Board. The builder is alleged to damage the property of Wakf Board. Wakf Board decided to file a case against the developer.

Wakf Board stated that a real estate developer has encroached the Board’s property at Lakdi-ka-pul where the alleged builder had started constructing his commercial center.

The base for the case begins with the developer acquiring the construction permit from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). On request GHMC granted the builder to develop a commercial project in his plot which lies close to the Wakf Board’s property.

After gaining the permission through fraud ways, the builder started construction works. The G+4 commercial structure was to be developed next to the Mumtaz Mansion in Lakdi-ka-pul. The granted permission allowed the builder to build the project in 2125 sq. m.

Wakf Board later found that some of the graves were destroyed during the foundation works. This incident was reported to the Andhra Chief Minister.

Being suspicious over the builder the Wakf Board conducted a survey in which the board came to realize that nearly 621 sq. m. of their property has been encroached by the builder. The property included some graves and a mosque’s land as well.

After receiving the complaint from the Wakf Board, GHMC inspected the site. Further, the Corporation asked the builder to clarify the matter. Later the Corporation cancelled the permission as the builder did not clarify the case well.

Municipal commissioner later disclosed that the builder had acquired the permission through false and faulty methods and means. He revealed that the builder had submitted different plans for the approval of the building. One of the master- plans included the graveyard while the other master plan missed the graveyard, the official added.

Officials of Wakf Board told the media that their land parcels are always encroached and the board seldom comes to know about it. The officials said that they are happy that at least in this case the matter came to their eyes before the construction got over.

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