Green Real Estate Project

Falcon Realty Services Private Limited (FRSPL) is dynamically involved in Land acquirement and Land consolidation in India for more than twenty years. It is launching a real estate project named Global Eco-City on Expressway (NH-8) in Delhi – NCR. The project to be spread over thirty-five acres in the initial phase. It promises to be India’s best ever green real estate project till date.
The project encompasses a judicious mix of executive homes, weekend homes and premium villas. The company is pumping in an investment of three hundred crore rupees towards the project.
Mr. Bhim Yadav, CEO, FRSPL says “Our in-depth understanding of a consumer’s requirements and what should be offered to him has helped us in visualizing the largest Secured, Gated and Master Planned Community Development on Expressway, NH-08, in Delhi-NCR which will provide Self Sustainable, Energy Efficient Green Developments, Luxurious and Affordable Housing, Dynamic Location and a great investment growth plan.”
Global Eco-City will showcase the living trends that will come in to vogue. The roof top of the houses will be designed by fitting solar heating systems into homes which is an efficient way to combat increasing energy costs.
All Walls of the houses will be formed to create insulation to keep the home cool in summers and warm in winters. Global Eco- City shall maintain low density housing as well. Each plot has been also designed to have open space in all directions. All residents of Global Eco-city will also have the benefit of getting farm fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
Mr. Yadav said, “Global awareness is the need of the hour. It has been identified that buildings alone are responsible for 25-40% of energy consumption, 30% to 40% waste production and 30% to 40% green house gas emissions globally. There are innumerable benefits of going green that one can talk about. Though in a nascent stage, the concept is very dynamic and fast catching up. The benefit of green concept is reduced environmental impact through energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint, without making a commercial compromise”.


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    The green buildings movement is gaining popularity in India. The green footprint in the urban landscape is growing and currently, about 220 million sq ft of green buildings are under construction. Mr. S. Srinivas, principal counselor, CII Godrej Green Building Council, said from one building in 2001, there are now 254 green buildings with 150 million sq ft registered for certification in India. Further, with green homes rating being launched, 68 green homes of 88 million sq ft have registered. Mr Srinivas added, “Today 60% of these projects are being driven by builders and developers, as marketability of the green buildings are higher. And customers are demanding more green buildings.”For more view-

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    Falcon will also be introducing green concept into the way people will be traveling to and from work. In today’s world where there are nuclear families and both husband and wife are working in different directions, the concept of pool up buses would help them to emit less pollution while saving costs as well. Battery operated buses will be running from Global Eco-City catering to residents’ requirements.

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