Green Building: A New Success Matra

There is a new mantra among builders. They are chanting it with the fervor of cheerleaders: green architecture. The flag bearer of green construction is the Indian Council of Green Building (ICGB). An organization formed by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, the ICGB is calling eco-friendly architecture a movement.
At the recently held Green Building Congress 2008, speakers from various industries tried urgently to tap into the zeitgeist of environmental concern, arguing that green construction is the only way to build without polluting. All manner of purportedly energy-efficient devices from power-saving bulbs to eco-friendly carpets were advertised. However while green construction appeals to builders and many architects, critics think it’s little more than a fashion statement.
The ICGB has been actively promoting the concept of green architecture for three years and offers builders Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificates. Developed by the US Green Building Council, LEED is a rating system that lays down a set of standards for sustainable architecture. The ICGB holds its own office in Hyderabad as an exemplar of green construction. It has courtyards that allow cross-ventilation thereby reducing the building’s dependence on air-conditioning and skylights that let in enough natural light, precluding the need for artificial light. S Raghupathy, a senior director at ICGB says the building uses about 30% less energy than an ordinary building of similar proportions. Completed in 2003, it is India’s first LEED-certified building. Five years later, 320 buildings that have been registered for LEED awards. Raghupathy predicts that by 2010, there will 1000 LEED-certified buildings in the country.


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    The green buildings movement is gaining popularity in India. The green footprint in the urban landscape is growing and currently, about 220 million sq ft of green buildings are under construction. Mr. S. Srinivas, principal counselor, CII Godrej Green Building Council, said from one building in 2001, there are now 254 green buildings with 150 million sq ft registered for certification in India. Further, with green homes rating being launched, 68 green homes of 88 million sq ft have registered. Mr Srinivas added, “Today 60% of these projects are being driven by builders and developers, as marketability of the green buildings are higher. And customers are demanding more green buildings.”For more view-

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    Falcon Realty Services Private Limited (FRSPL) is dynamically involved in Land acquirement and Land consolidation in India for more than twenty years. It is launching a real estate project named Global Eco-City on Expressway (NH-8) in Delhi – NCR. The project to be spread over thirty-five acres in the initial phase. It promises to be India’s best ever green real estate project till date

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