Environment Ministry to Ease Green Norms

In a move to boost the real estate sector and construction of high-rise buildings, environment ministry now plans to ease the Green Norms.

You may be witnessing taller buildings along the narrow lanes and corridors. Yes, this will be possible if the environment ministry eases the green norms for construction. The builders will be happier ever as they now will be able to build more high-rise residential projects.

Real estate developers found it tough to make taller or multi-story buildings in cities due to the stiff green norms put forward by the environment ministry last year. As per the last year’s regulations, the builder could build a tall building only if the project is close to a fire station.

Besides the presence of fire station, the Non objection certificate or NOC from the state disaster management authorities and the fire department had to be attained.

As per the existing green norms, the builder will be permitted to construct a 60m tall project if the width of the adjacent road is 30 ft. or above. Additionally there should be a fire station within two kilometers distance.

In the same way the builder can build a 45 to 60m tall building if the road is 24 ft. wide or above. An 18 ft. road is required for constructing a building over 30 to 45m. However in this case the presence of a nearby fire station is not implied.

With the environment ministry’s plan to ease the green norms the taller construction will be possible even along the narrow roads and corridors. The plan will boost the real estate constructions.

According to the available sources the plan of the environment ministry is in view of enabling the builders to meet the increasing housing demand. The environment ministry has already appointed a committee which will review the existing regulations.

The committee is headed by K Kasturirangan, a member of the Planning Commission. The committee under him will review and report the suggestions to the ministry as soon as possible.

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