Dhoni Gifted Plot Near His New Farmhouse In Kanthitar

M S Dhoni, the captain of Indian cricket team, has been gifted a one-acre plot in Kanthitar, where he is building his new farmhouse.

Indian cricket team captain M S Dhoni has been gifted a one-acre plot in Kanthitar, where he is constructing his new farmhouse. Though the plot is gifted to him by Ratu Maharaj’s heir Lal Gopal Sharan Nath Shahdeo, it is registered as a sale.

M S Dhoni has started building his new farmhouse in Kanthitar, where Dhoni and his parents own three plots. While one plot belongs to Dhoni, the remaining to his father Pan Singh and mother Devki Devi.

Lal Gopal Sharan Nath Shahdeo is a family friend of Indian Captain. Their families always had cordial relations, and this has forced him to accept the gift offer.

The plot is one kilometer away from the National Highway 75, and so the prices of the plot are not high, said Shahdeo Mehra, the Ranchi district sub registrar who confirmed that the gift is registered as a pure sale.

Currently Dhoni is living in an apartment in posh Harmu Housing Colony. This apartment is built in a plot that was gifted to the Captain Cool by the Uttarakhand state government.

Since his entry into Indian Cricket team, he is the real hero of the state, especially of Ranchi his home town. The people love and admire him so highly and this is seen in this gifting of land as well.

Dhoni’s new farmhouse is being constructed with all facilities and amenities. It will have a swimming pool and multi-facility gym. Besides, it will have various game pools and cricket practicing nets and so on.

Photo gallery of every sport is expected to be another key attraction of the new farmhouse of Dhoni. The construction work is in full swing and is expected to get over within this year.