Design Arch To Invest In Greater Noida

Real Estate firm Design Arch said that it will develop a residential project with application of green technology in Greater Noida, which could entail an investment of Rs 150 crore.
Besides, the company plans to develop 10 such e-house projects in the metro cities across the country by 2010-11.
“We have just announced our first e-home concept called Gardenia E-Homes at Greater Noida. It will be followed by another nine such project in various metros over next three years,” Design Arch Managing Director J K Jain said.
He said the company is investing Rs 150 crore for the Greater Noida project and expects a realization of Rs 250 crore once the project is completed by mid 2010.
Jain, however, declined to disclose the investment figures for the other projects planned by the company.
“A green building may cost a little more initially, but saves through lower operative cost over the life of the building. There are many benefits, such as improving occupants’ health, comforts, productivity, reducing pollution and land fill waste,” he added.
He said the company is looking at developing both commercial as well as residential properties with this new concept.
Elaborating on the concept, Jain said structures would be electronic savvy, environment friendly, earthquake resistant besides other amenities.
“The green buildings in our project area will have four components, including energy saving, water saving, better indoor air quality and hygienic conditions and reduction of construction material waste,” he said.
The project would have some other eco-friendly concepts, like integrated rain water harvesting coupled with recycling of water and automatic fire detection sensors, he added.

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