Delhi Is the Top Priority of Buyers

Real Estate = Big Money

Home In Delhi

According to a recently conducted survey, it has been found that over 34% of the people who are interested in purchasing property across the country wish to own a home in NCR-Delhi.

The survey revealed the fact that NCR/ Delhi has got the highest priority in 2010 for real estate investment, i.e. the most preferred realty investment destination in 2010 is NCR/Delhi. With 28% purchasers interested in Mumbai, it has become the next choice of investors. Next in the line are Hyderabad and Bangalore with 11% buyers.

Also, as per the survey, in 2010 the real estate sector is likely to be much more driven by the end user. Since last year was under the clouds of unstable property prices and recession, the investors were backing off from the realty sector, but with the slightly stable property prices and the better conditions of economy, they are back into the lead. It would also be interesting to know that most of the purchasers, who this year plan to buy a house are usually the one who want it for own use which brings a conclusion that the ones who drove the realty in 2004-07, the speculators are out of the market now. Even the people interested in buying property now are the long-term investors.

The survey also brought out the fact that 67% of the property seekers are interested in property for own use and just 23% are the ones who are long term investors.