Chris Gayle Made Brand Ambassador Of A Realty Firm

Chris Gayle, the West Indian Cricketer, is made the brand ambassador of a Patna based realty firm. He will endorse the firm.

Patna-based realty firm Agrani Homes has bagged West Indian Cricketer Chris Gayle to endorse their projects. The realty firm has projects in various cities.

By singing with Chris Gayle, Agrani Homes expects an improved demand for its projects. The realty firm hopes that the popularity of the West Indian Cricketer will surely help them.

The West Indian Cricketer became a favorite star through Indian Premier League. In fact it has made him more fans than ever he had before.

Though he plays for Bangalore Royal Challengers, his fans are not the supporters of this IPL franchisee. In fact, those who love IPL and T20 cricket matches surely love him.

Preity Zinta, the co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab, just before the match between RCB and KXIP, said that she loves the batting of Chris Gayle. She added that only when he is playing against her team.

Recently he wrote his name into the record books of T20 Cricket history by smashing 175 runs from a mere 66 balls. This made him all the more popular. On his way to 175 he smashed 17 sixes and a good number of boundaries. The number of sixes is another record.

This is the reason why all the opponents of the RCB plan about how to trap this tall cricketer. They all say that if they can get the wicket of Chris Gayle in a quick time, they can come back to the game.

Now various firms are after this tall cricketer as they all are sure of improving their returns with this popular player. This is the same thing which Agrani Homes too expects from their deal.

Agrani Homes have various projects in Delhi-NCR and Jharkhand other than in Bihar. The real estate firm expects a good response from buyers with this deal.