Cameron ready to help India to develop Mumbai-Bangalore Corridor

While visiting India, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, said that the British Government is ready to help India for developing the corridor that fall between Bangalore and Mumbai.

If India could develop the 1000 km long corridor between Bangalore and Mumbai, it would become one of the most important locations in India, opined David Cameron. The British PM added that it would link the commercial capital of India with the tech city.

Nearly nine cities can be developed along this corridor. Moreover the corridor, once developed will provide millions of jobs to the people in the country. It is estimated that nearly 3 million jobs will be generated by the development of this corridor.

Now India can have better funding options as well. While visiting India, David Cameron said that he will be happy to see British government to help India develop the corridor.

Cameron added that there are many good architects, designers and other personnel for the development of the corridor. If India requests, at any time, the British government would send any of them for helping.

Mumbai-Bangalore corridor is nearly 1000 km long. On this corridor, many cities, in the nine districts, could be developed. Each city will be holding a population of 2 to 3 million.

Increased number of job opportunities will be another important feature of the project. Once the project is completed nearly millions of people will be able to find jobs in the corridor.

For making the corridor a dream-fulfillment, first of all, the physical infrastructure should be developed. Secondly the social development should take place. Once the infrastructure is set and fully developed, then the growth and development of the corridor will be smoother.

Another similar development is also planned in India. This development is along the Delhi to Mumbai corridor. It, the project, has already started up but has not reached anywhere. This project is being developed with the help of Japan.

In the same way, Cameron expects or wants India to seek financial support from Britain. Once the project starts up the development of India will be more oriented to this corridor.

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