Building Collapse in Thane Signals Depth of Corruption

Last week a building collapse took 75 lives in Thane. This building collapse in Thane signaled the depth of corruption which has crept into the real estate sector.

THANE: Corruption is one of the first things which have to be removed from the construction sector. As long as there is corruption in the construction sector, there is no safety for the lives of people. Building collapse in Thane is an example of this corruption.

The city police commissioner has revealed that the builders have bribed the civic officials for attaining the construction permission. Developers did not forget to bribe some policemen as well.

How can anyone sleep peacefully in houses? No one knows at what time their home will fall down crushing them down to the earth.

If the rules and regulations for construction are followed, then there will be no such incidents. Thane Building collapse is an alarm to check out the reliability of the builders.

It is true that most of the builders are bribing the officials for attaining various clearances. It would be wrong to blame the builders alone. The officials do force the builders to bribe them, lest they do not grant the clearances.

The collapsed building was illegally constructed by Jamil Qureshi and Salim Shaikh, two builders from Thane. Both have been detained by the police. Another builder is missing. The police are in search of him.

Police have arrested all the nine accused. All the accused are sent to the police custody for 15 days. They will remain under the custody till April 20.

Some civic officials and a police constable were suspended by the Prithviraj Chavan the Maharashtra CM, soon after the incident.

The suspended include deputy and assistant municipal commissioners of Thane, the clerk and a police constable. Another assistant of the deputy municipal commissioner also is arrested.

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