BMC extends the deadline for paying property tax bills

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has finally extended the deadline to pay the property tax. The decision of BMC came as a relief to the crises hit people.

Granting three more months to the residents, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has extended the deadline for paying the property tax bills. The earlier announced date was March 31. Now the residents will have three more months to pay the property tax.

BMC’s order to pay the property tax bills, which included last three years due, had invited severe protest and complaints from across the Mumbai residents. The revised property tax bills were based on the capital value system, a new method of calculating property tax.

Earlier BMC has revised its property tax policy. The civic body has decided to calculate the property tax on the basis of capital value. The residents of the city had conducted protest against the new tax policy of BMC. Even some NGOs also supported the residents in their protest.

The new tax bills, which the residents received, led them to utter confusion and trouble. The amount stood far higher and beyond the capacity of many of the residents. All the more they were tossed up by the deadline as early as March 31.

Against this deadline they had complained. As per some close sources, nearly 35 thousand complaints had been piled up by the Authority.

The major setback to the people was that they had to pay the tax due since 2010 to the current year. Many of them remain unable to pay the large amount. Asking for more time or installment paying was demanded by the residents.

Finally considering the large number of complaints and confusion among the people, BMC finally granted more time to pay off the bills. The people will be given three more months for paying off the bill, the Authority stated. The BMC’s decision has really been a chilly rain that cooled the scorching heat of summer, said a joyous resident.

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