Big Houses in Indore

Indore has gained a reputation of being the test ground for corporations looking to test revolutionary and innovative ideas that later go on to inundate the rest of the country. Bharti chose this city to launch its private telephone network (which was also India’s first private telephone network). Radio Mirchi came here first, before going to the metros and the rest of the country. And till the 1990s, Bollywood movies were released here on Thursday, while they were released on Friday in the rest of the country.
Not surprising then that the city is testing some of the latest trends in real estate as well. One such project is Silver-springs. It has attracted FDI from Fire Capital Fund. An interesting feature here is that a section of the project has been allocated to be sold only to defence personnel. This decision could have been prompted by its nearness (about 30 km) to Mhow (a premier military training centre).
The township is segregated into enclaves that are themed around elements of nature: earth, air, water, fire. While this is also a good idea, it remains to be seen how many people will actually want to live in an enclave named after fire, and further how many people will move into (or stay out of) an enclave based on their astrologers’ advice.
Currently only a Town House sample villa is ready, and thankfully here the builder are delivering houses that most of urban India has come to expect. The house is big and there are no surprises here. Of course, the whole concept of townships and group housing is new to the area and that is one place where this pioneering city is taking a cue from the developments in the rest of the country.

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