Bangalore Residential Market Now Sees More Green Buildings

Bangalore Residential Market now has now a number of green buildings. According to the experts this is going to be the latest trend in the Bangalore Residential Market.

Bangalore Residential Market has always one of the better residential markets in India. There are many who own a home in Bangalore and settle in the city. However there is more stability for the residential market in the city as this is mainly end-user guided.

According to a fresh report, the number of Green buildings is increasing in the city. The report adds that it slowly but steadily becomes the latest trend in the city.

The numbers with LEED India there are 41 green buildings in Karnataka while 39 of them are located in Bangalore alone. This shows that the Bangalore residential market has become more green-oriented.

With 41 green buildings, Karnataka is the fourth state which has maximum number of such buildings. Only three states – Maharashtra, National Capital Region and Tamil Nadu, have more number of green buildings than Karnataka.

Industry experts predict that the number of housing buildings will be more than the number of commercial buildings by the year 2030.

In India there are two organizations which are authorized to rate the green buildings. They are The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED India) and Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA).

These organizations rate the buildings on the basis of many things and factors such as usage of water, power and energy consumption, green and fresh environment, flora and fauna, and the like. The rating is taking place in various phases of production including the inception and the function of the project.

At present there are 1909 enlisted green buildings in India and among these 187 buildings fall in Bangalore residential market. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is happy that the number of green buildings is increasing in the Subcontinent.

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