Aurangzeb Narrates Gurgaon Realty’s Growth-Story

Bollywood movie Aurangzeb narrates the growth of Gurgaon Realty. This Bollywood movie is based on this suburban city.

Gurgaon is one of the fast developing real estate markets. This is clearly pictured in Aurangzeb. This latest Bollywood movie is, in fact, based on the growth of power and realty market in this city.

The city will have Arjun Kapoor as its guest for a week. The hero of Aurangzeb will stay in Gurgaon for a week or two as part of the promotion of the film.

While staying there in the Millennium city as one of the Gurgaonites, he will spend his time watching movies and mingling with the people in the locality. He will follow the dress and food patterns of the people here, said one close associate of the actor.

The theme of Aurangzeb is the growth of power and realty in Gurgaon. The movie has narrated well this one. While most of the films are shot in Mumbai and other similar big cities, for the first time a Bollywood movie has been shot in a suburb. This shows how the city has grown up.

This relation of the movie with the location is what prompted the filmmakers to shift their base to Gurgaon for a week. As part of film’s promotion, the hero of the movie Arjun Kapoor will stay here for one week, stated people with knowledge.

This is not the first time that some Bollywood heroes and heroines shift from Mumbai to other cities for promoting their films.

Imran Khan had stayed in Delhi for a couple of weeks, promoting his film Delhi Belly. Though Sonam Kapoor also had shifted to Delhi, she did it not as part of her films’ promotion.

Unlike Imran Khan and Arjun Kapoor, she shifted to Delhi only because some of her films were continuously taught in Delhi. She stayed with her aunt.