All party meet reaches no consensus on Land Acquisition Bill

All party meet has miserably failed to reach consensus on land acquisition bill. The land acquisition bill was placed in the parliament for an open discussion.

All party meet, including Congress, left parties and other opposition parties, could not reach consensus on land acquisition bill. The opposition leaders strongly opposed the approval of the bill which was put forward by the UPA government. Though the bill is expected to bring more clarity to the property acquisition process, it was not welcomed by the opposition parties.

An all party meet was held on Tuesday. The main objective of the meet was to discuss the land acquisition bill. However the meet came to be a flop as no consensus was reached by the parties. The bill has already undergone around 168 surgeries (amendments). Yet, the bill could not come to light.

Under the land acquisition bill, the property dealings are expected to be clearer. It will bring better transparency to the property acquisition process. Besides this, the bill will empower the farmers and the land- holders to have more rights on their lands.

However as the bill gets delayed, the farmers whose land has been taken for infrastructure development, will have to wait more for getting the compensation. Moreover the government has not reached on the amount of compensation to the farmers even.

The UPA government was planning to pass the bill during this ongoing parliament session. The UPA government is capable of passing the bill. however the government seeks the approval of a majority in the parliament house. The all party meet was held with this purpose.

Speaking on the issue, Kamal Nath, Parliamentary Affairs minister, said that the meeting was absolutely exclusive. The minister added that the government was expecting to gain the consensus at least of the majority, even if it fails to attain unanimity.

On the other side, the industry experts opine that the bill will raise the property prices even in the rural areas. They fear that housing prices will be unaffordable even in the suburbs. However the farmers and the builders who have already acquired land banks will enjoy better returns, if only the bill is approved.

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