Ahmedabad Development Authority Bans Conversion Of Agri. Land

Ahmedabad Development Authority (AUDA) finally blew the whistle for obtaining NA for agricultural land. AUDA, banning the conversion of agricultural land for other purposes, issued notice in the last week.

Thousands of realty investors who have hugely invested in lands will be affected by the new development plan issued by Ahmedabad Development Authority (Urban). As per the new plan no more Non- Agricultural certificates will be granted.

Banning the conversion of agricultural land for other purposes, Ahmedabad Development Authority has decided not to entertain any more new NA applications. All the more the pending NA applications will also be cancelled. The new development plan is expected to affect thousands of property investors who have invested mainly on land.

Investments on land are considered as a suitable form of investment for the small scale investors. As they do not have sufficient fund to develop projects, they can opt for investing on lands which will surely bring them higher returns within a couple of years. There are many who have invested on lands with the purpose of constructing farm houses or to sell it out after some couple of years.

However with the new development plan of the Ahmedabad Authority, those who have invested in lands will be trapped as the new rule permits the construction only in 5% of land. The new plan is applicable in 68 villages which fall under the Ahmedabad Development Authority.

The new plan will be mostly affecting the farm house- constructions. Most probably the farm houses will be impossible to be built as they will not be given the permission to construct building on agricultural lands.

As per the new rule the village- limits will be extended to a further 200 m radius. Though constructions will be permitted in this area, people have to first gain the consent from the Ahmedabad Development Authority. Once they attain the consent, they will be able to make houses in these areas. Relaxations on constructions will be applicable for township projects and institutional constructions.

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