UAE NRIs Show Special Favor To Real Estate Investment

Declining Indian rupees attracts more NRIs to invest in their mother land, India. Sources prove that a majority of NRIs invest on real estate properties. As per Sumansa Exhibitions’ survey nearly 89% of the UAE NRIs maintain real estate investments in India.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) play a negotiable role in the growth of Indian Economy. Recent studies prove that real estate properties have overtaken the other investment options like Gold and bank deposits.

A survey which was conducted among the UAE NRIs exposed that nearly 89% of them find real estate properties as most suitable options of investment. Most of them invest on luxurious real estate properties.

According to the survey the real estate investments have grown by 6%. Mr. Sunil Jaiswal, CEO of Sumansa Exhibition, hailed real estate investments as safest investment option.

He pointed that comparing to all other investment options Real estate has higher returns. Bank deposits may be standing second in returns. Increased interest rate makes the bank deposits profitable. Yet comparing to the real estate returns this is very low.

Based on the revealed figures, it is estimated that nearly 26.7 % of UAE NRIs have investments in Indian real estate. Affection to the mother land also is another reason for increased real estate investment. Most of the NRIs prefer to return to their mother land after a period of their exile.

Most of the foreign countries are reluctant to grant any citizenship rights to the foreigners. This forces the NRIs to return to their motherland. Interestingly the fall of interest rate is another reason of more investment in real estate.

Most of the NRIs prefer the metropolitan cities of India for their investment. However the investment in Tier II cities also is not less. Hot metropolitans like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are sought after by the NRIs. These cities are counted more suitable for real estate investment by NRIs.

Most of them demand top-end properties which will bring higher returns. Such investment on top –end properties are said to be even doubled with a span of four or five years.

NRIs are very selective about the Builders’ Reputations, the value appreciation of the project and its location, global standards and amenities, its matchless and reliable quality, etc. All these factors determine the selection.

Figures say that bank deposits are second only in comparison to investment in real estate. They too assure comparatively better returns than other investment options. Yet this option of investment is not able to overcome the returns of real estate investment.

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