Real Estate Uses Celebrities’ name

Real estate industry is passing through the transition phase. This phase will decide the future of real estate. Every day something new is coming to us. Sometimes we get to know new real estate trends and sometimes new way to make the property popular. The recent new trend is that now  the real estate will use the names of celebrities along with the name of their property. In foreign countries this trend is going on. It might not be surprising if you get to know about new property as SRK plaza or Rani Mukherjee villa.

People are taking it as a propaganda. This may attract big dealers but may not work for middle class, who saves money for purchasing a dream house for their family. If a project involves name of a celebrity, then obviously it will cost more than the project having similar features and no celebrity name involved in it.


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    In today’s time every thing is fair for getting popularity, so if any one is using celeberity name there is not any problem in. Of course at the moment this may attract big dealers but in future it will work for middle class also.

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    Triangle Real Estate India Fund, co-promoted by ICS Group and Old Mutual Investment Group Property Investments (OMIGPI), has signed a deal to invest Rs 457 crore ($114 million) for a 27 percent stake in a step-down subsidiary of Prozone Enterprises. This subsidiary owns stake in four of its projects being developed in Aurangabad, Indore, Nagpur and Jaipur, covering approximately 16 million square feet under development

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    Thats the good news because the confirmation of the celeberities will show the level of the Real estate market.

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